Peter Fordos
Enabling you & your organization to transcend cultural boundaries.

I specialize in providing cross-cultural training and coaching for executives, organizations and global teams conducting business worldwide.

Are you an individual who 

-  is relocating to a different country
-  working internationally
-  working on a global or multicultural team
-  managing people from different countries
-  who would like to learn about Global Leadership
-  would like to learn about Cultural Intelligence

Are you an Organization / Company

-  working with international corporations, governments and individuals 
-  working with a culturally diverse and/or international workforce
-  negotiating a deal(s) in other countries
-  opening an office internationally
If so, I can help you. Here is how...

Who I am?
Born in Eastern Europe, I speak four languages and have lived, worked and travelled to six continents and over 60 countries in the past 18 years. I have a BA in International Studies and two Masters Degrees from the... (read more)